Useful On-line Videos

Jing Institute-What is Advanced Clinical Massage?

Guided Meditation 1

Guided Meditation 2

Beginners QiGong lesson

Self-Myofascial Unwinding Video

What is a Trigger Point & how can Clinical Massage help treat them?

What is fascia and how can Rolfing & Myofascial Release help fascial problems?

Explaining Myofascial Pain & Stiffness-The Fuzz Speech

How to treat your own trigger points using the Backnobber 2

Pelvic Pain Explained

Paradoxical Relaxation for pelvic pain

Using Acti-tape for ankle instability

Using Kinesio-tape for rotator cuff injury

Useful Pre-conditioning & Rehabilitation Exercises

Active Isolated Stretching for chronic whiplash/neck stiffness

Active Isolated Stretching the Psoas for lordosis/pelvic pain/lower back pain

Alternate arm & leg raise for scoliosis and mid-back stability

PNF Stretching the glutes/piriformis

PNF Stretching the hamstrings

30 min Yoga routine for stiff hips & hamstrings

Short Yoga routine for lower back pain/stiffness

Pilates for lower back pain

Exercise for lateral patella tracking, chondromalacia patella & to strengthen the Vastus Medialis (VMO)

Exercise to strengthen Gluteus Maximus and for lordosis

Exercise for Achillies tendonitus & calf strain

Exercise for ankle stability & chronic ankle sprain

Exercises for knee stability & chronic knee ligament injury

Exercise for the gluteus medius, ITB friction syndrome & pelvis stability

Exercises for rotator cuff injury/shoulder instability

Exercises for kyphosis & thoracic (mid) back pain

McKenzie Exercises for forward head posture & neck pain

Neck mobilization exercises for stiff neck and cervical arthritis (spondylosis)

Scapular stabilization exercises for winged scapular, kyphosis and shoulder problems

Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Fleet, Hampshire and Surrey

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