Nerve Impingement & Entrapment Syndromes

My advanced training allows me to effectively address many ‘nerve impingement/entrapment syndromes’, without the need for risky surgery (& potential scar tissue complications). Although it is well known that nerves frequently get entrapped in the spine, causing problems such as sciatica, there are many other places in the body which nerves get impinged or stuck, causing pain, weakness, numbness and parasthesia (tingling). My specialist training in Neurofascial Mobilisation allows me to ‘free up’ these nerves, restoring their ‘slide’. Manipulative therapy, Mobilisations and Myofascial Release may also be indicated, and employed, to better address your impingement syndrome. Below is a list of syndroms I may be able to help with:

-Thoracic outlet syndrome
-Carpal tunnel syndrome
-Sciatic nerve impingement’s below the spine
-Pronator syndrome
-Radial tunnel (& PIN) syndrome
-Ulnar & cubital tunnel syndrome
-Tarsal tunnel syndrome
-Mortons neuroma symptoms
-Plantar nerve entrapment
-Femoral nerve impingement
-Obturator impingement
-Inguinal canal impingement
-Wartenburgs syndrome
-Bottleneck syndrome
-Claw hand deformity
-Tibial nerve impingement
-Peroneal nerve entrapment
-ANY NUMBNESS, TINGLING, BURNING or PAIN in the arms, hands, legs or feet may be nerve impingement!

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