Tendonitis, Tendonosis & Tenosynovitis

Tendinopathies (eg. tendonitis, tendonosis & tenosynovitis) are notoriously hard to treat, especially as the person suffering from the tendonopathy is often either unwilling (ie. sports) or unable (ie. work) to stop doing the aggravating activity. Medical approaches may include prescription of anti-inflammatorys, steroid injections and Physiotherapist prescription of rehab exercises/self care help. While it is true steroids and anti-inflammatories can calm the tendon, injections possibly stimulating some healing, this is usually just short-term symptomatic relief. Physiotherapist can usually offer good advice and exercises, but this is often ‘not enough’ to get rid of the tendonopathy, without the correct ‘hands-on’ interventions.

Effective treatment for tendonopathies required the therapist to have knowledge of a number of different therapies & techniques; without a diverse specialist training background poor or limited results may result. I have advanced training in the following disciplines to allow effective treatment of tendonopathies:

Deep Tissue Massage: Required to lengthen shortened muscles causing excessive tension on the irritated tendon. Deep frictioning also promotes healing and smooths out tendon fibres in disarray.

Myofascial Release: Required to release irritating fascial/scar tissue adhesion’s around the tendon. Also required to lengthen shortened fascia pulling into the irritated tendon.

Advanced Stretching techniques: Required to lengthen shortened tissue, get ‘stuck’ tissue moving and strengthen weak involved muscles.

Ultrasound Therapy: Required to reduce inflammation, stimulate repair and re hydrate dehydrated tendonopathy.

Neurofascial & Joint Mobilization: A number of tendonopathies are actually nerve impingement syndromes mimicking tendonitis. Also actual tendonopathies are often aggravated by nerve impingement. Neural or joint mobilization can free up aggravating nerve impingement’s.

Rehab & Stretching Advice: I am able to advise on stretching, strengthening, movement and self-help exercises which can improve recovery time, and reduce reoccurrence of tendonopathies.

Its important to note that many of the tendonopathy causes I have mentioned above are not effectively addressed by drugs, injections or rehab exercise.

Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Hampshire and Surrey.

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