Online Telehealth Appointment (Coronavirus alert level 5 contingency)

I am unfortunately unable to offer hands on treatment during coronavirus alert level 5. However, this does not mean I am unable to help you, and I will be offering online Telehealth appointments via my new Cliniko software, to give you the advice and support you need (Wednesday appointments available via online Cliniko booking). This is a great way to stay in touch with both your bodies needs, and your therapist, and can be an invaluable way to manage your symptoms. During the appointment/s I can take you through (as required):

  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Stretching advice
  • Self massage (including trigger point therapy and acupressure)
  • Use of ‘spiky ball’, Backnobber/Theracane & foam rollers
  • Herbal/nutritional supplement advice
  • Holistic health advice
  • Workstation setup & ergonomic tips
  • Treatment of household members (by special arrangement)

Please take the opportunity to benefit from Telehealth consultation for the benefit of both physical & emotional well-being (and to keep my business active). You might be surprised how much difference getting the right rehab, self-care and advice can make in limiting any deterioration of your condition, posture or pain, during this period when professional ‘hands-on treatment’ is unavailable. Existing clients are also welcome to contact me on 07769 666448 if you need to talk or are shielding, isolating or sick, and need supplies/errands run.

Rehab My Patient - Bespoke online rehab programs

I have subscribed to the online rehabilitation exercise software ‘Rehab My Patient’, as an excellent resource for the rehab of existing clients (‘in-person’ or video consultation required for a RMP plan to be constructed). I will put together a bespoke combination of strengthening, mobilization and stretching exercises to suit your body type and/or condition, which is then emailed to you (printable, with instructional video links).

Rehab My Patient website

Coronavirus: recommended products

1/2 hour appointment (for existing clients): £20*
1 hour consultation & appointment (for new clients): £35*
Rehab My Patient-bespoke rehab plan: £15* (consultation or previous treatment required)

*If you are unable to work, receiving government support, or on furlough, I can provide this service with a 20% discount, or on a donation basis.

To book an online appointment, or request a bespoke RMP programme, please email or telephone 07769 666448. Payment can be made via IZettle ‘payment links’, or BACS if you prefer. Appointments will be 9.30-17.00 Wednesdays (with possible Friday appointments).

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