Amma Fusion (Eastern Massage)

Amma Fusion is an exciting blend of the most effective eastern massage techniques. Amma draws disciplines together such as acupressure (deep thumb pressure), tui-na (Chinese medical massage), table shiatsu (Japanese medical massage) and is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Amma works the meridians (energy pathways of the body) using specialised stokes and acupressure to restore correct energy (qi) flow, promoting health, vitality and balanced mood. Amma can help with many conditions, but is particularly beneficial in treating systemic conditions (body system problems), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), mild depression, chronic illness, auto-immune conditions, headaches and sinus problems.

35 mins - £35
50 mins - £45
65 mins (consultation & first appointment) - £55

Recommended reading: Amma Therapy: Integration of Oriental Medical Principles, Bodywork, Nutrition and Exercise; Tina Sohn


Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Fleet, Hampshire and Surrey.

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