Auriculotherapy (Electric Ear Acupuncture)

Auriculotherapy involves the treatment of specific points on the nerves of the ear with a small electric current. Unlike conventional acupuncture the therapist can scan with a specialist instrument to see which points most need treating, also helping to better identify the nature of the patient’s problem/s. Auriculotherapy is recognised by the World Health Organisation as effective in treating over 300 conditions, but is especially effective at treating:

-Addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex)-together with indicated counselling & medical care
-Compulsive disorders (including OCD, ADHD, behavioural problems)
-Acute & chronic pain (including acute back pain/sciatica, visceral pain and acute injury pain)
-Overeating (for weight-loss & appetite control)
-Low mood & anxiety

Auriculotherapy has a 95% success rate in helping individuals stop smoking, in just 3 treatments (1-2 follow up appointments available if required)!

35 mins - £35
3 treatments for smoking cessation - £150
Weight loss/addiction/low mood/anxiety course - £350 (4-week 1, 3-week 2, 2-week 3, 2-week 4, 11 in TOTAL)

Auriculotherapy 2

Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Fleet, Hampshire and Surrey.

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