Stiff-Achey, Arthritic Hands & Knees

I have trained in a number of specialist massage techniques which can both improve mobility and ease pain/stiffness in arthritic hands. Thai hand massage employs gentle mobilization, stretching & traction of the joints and hand tendons/ligaments. I combine Thai with other advanced western techniques, massaging the hands with Optima’s glucosamine joint complex gel, then Songbird’s warming & easing balm (or cooling & soothing for rheumatoid arthritis, between ‘flares’). Further deep tissue treatment can be applied to the finger muscles located in the forearms if these are excessively tight, or ‘claw hand’ deformity exists.

Although acupuncture and massage/bodywork therapy cannot put back the cartilage already ‘worn away’ in osteoarthritic knees, it can often reduce troubling symptoms (pain & stiffness) and improve function in mild>moderate osteoarthritic joints. Specialist treatment such as addressing ‘muscle imbalances’, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release can usually improve quality of life, and help’s keep the cartilage you still have healthy & hydrated and the affected joint in better working order.

Alton Advanced Bodywork is Kipp Clark; an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and specialist in Chronic Pain Treatment who treats clients in Alton, Hampshire and Surrey.

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